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About Us 

First Access is a youth-led organization started by highschooler, Kyra Sharma. First access is an organization that strives to make a change in health equity and equality. We provide hygiene, menstrual and first-aid care packages to patients, students and elders in India to ensure that they have the vital essentials they need to survive. First Access works to inspire everyone to take control of who they are and thrive in their daily life.


Currently, 1 out of every 2 people in India do not have access to adequate hygiene products and sanitation devices. This number equates to over 650 million people. Similarly, with India's rapid growing population, healthcare and medical resources simply aren't enough to support everyone in this Nation. The SaveLife Foundation estimates that millions of lives in India can be saved simply by increasing first-aid training, knowledge and equipment for the citizens. First Access strives to work towards combatting both hygiene poverty and the healthcare crisis, allowing everyone to live their life to the fullest by providing the resources that patients, students and elders need.

Our Team

Our Care Packages 

First Access directly combats both the medical and health crisis by providing 3 distinct care packages: menstrual hygiene, basic hygiene and first-aid. Each package works to address various health issues and problems that so many patients, elders and students face. First Access' care packages work to allow everyone to have full supply to the basic necessities they should have to thrive in their daily life. 

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